Is Cardi B Pregnant?! Cardi B Was Seen Hiding Her Belly

Cardi B and her partner, Offset is allegedly expecting their second child together according to people in Cardi’s inner circle. Loadedmp3 News has reported Cardi B‘s Pregnancy Rumors and the chances for the 26-year-old rapper to announce the happy news is getting stronger as many of her close friends speculate the rapper being conceived. Moreover, Cardi B was seen hiding her belly all day long in Las Vegas.

Cardi B belongs to the limelight. The rapper has been making headlines ever since she found mainstream stardom through her debut album. This time, however, Cardi is on the limelight for a peculiar reason. Many are speculating that the rapper is hiding pregnancy news.


The pregnancy rumors are only getting stronger day-by-day as the rapper is continuously seen hiding her belly. Cardi B was “overbooked” this weekend and her first performance came on Saturday at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Instead of wearing her usual revealing outfit, Cardi wore an outfit that covered her stomach.
On Sunday, however, Cardi was seen wearing a stomach concealing outfit at a beauty con in New York. She flaunted an over-the-top fur coat, oversized hat, and high heels, despite the mid-60-degree temperatures outside. She made it to the show 3 hours late but the rapper did apologize on an Instagram video saying: “Sorry for me being late; I didn’t really realize that I was overbooked,”

  1. On Vegas, she was spotted walking into the casino in a bathrobe whilst holding her belly out of people’s sight. Cardi is dealing with some serious issues right now so maybe that is what keeping her from sharing the happy news?! It’s all uncertain at this point. Having been taken the music industry by storm with the release of multiple hit singles, she was caught off-guard when some of her followers dug out a video wherein she was seen speaking about drugging and robbing men.

It is still surprising as to why Cardi would hide her pregnancy if the rumors are indeed true. That brings us to the million dollar question, Is Cardi B Pregnant?! Well, to answer that, we might as well wait for her official confirmation before jumping into any false conclusions.


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