Kodak Black Is In Trouble If This Happens…

Seems as if Black‘s lame excuse of blaming his G.P.S for making him drive into Canada might not be enough for him to sneak out of a potential prison time since prosecutors can revoke his $100,000 bond that he posted for his sexual misconduct case. This revocation comes shortly after his arrest following criminal possession at U.S Border.

, who previously acquitted in April 2017 after being accused of sexually assaulting a teenager at a hotel in South California, posted a $100,000 cash bond to sneak out of the case. But, Prosecutors in the Palmetto State are currently evaluating his recent weapon possession case and his old Sexual misconduct case to see whether the rapper had violated any of his bond conditions.


If he is indeed found violating any one of his bond conditions, prosecutors can cancel his bond- meaning, would have to continue fighting more legal battles. The repercussions of which would be of higher magnitude as the prosecutors would hold a hearing asking the judge to revoke his bond and discuss the fate of .

Kodak was arrested on drugs and weapons charges at the U.S Border on Wednesday. The 21-year-old rapper was carrying Glock 9mm pistol and weed on his Cadillac Escalade, on which he traveled from Canada to the U.S. By the way, it was his G.P.S that misguided him to enter Canada, so it was not intentional!!

Kodak was then released after he posted a $20,000 cash bond and left the jail with a ton of money hiding his face. His arrest came

Kodak and his attorney , are yet to make an official statement regarding the chances for his bond revocation. Throughout this month, Kodak has lost a lot of his fans. He lost a small fraction of Boston fans after he canceled the gig on Wednesday only to spend a day at the jail. Moreover, his inappropriate commentary over Nipsey’s death and his girlfriend, Lauren London sparked angst among many of his fans. So once its all over, Kodak has a lot to do to gain back his lost fans.


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