Meek Mill And Diddy Accused Of Being “Gay”

Meek Mill became the topic for discussion all across the social media as people began accusing the rapper and music mogul Diddy of being “gay” on Twitter. The rumors spread like wildfire shortly after a picture of Meek and Diddy wearing matching outfits for an event went viral. The two seemed very comfortable and happy making the Twitterati accuse them of being “gay”.

It all started with Diddy’s post where he could be seen hanging out with Meek Mill wearing matching outfits. There wouldn’t have been any confusions if he kept the picture, but Diddy quickly deleted the post as if it was done by mistake, which confused people. The picture was somehow captured by a user and now it is slowly getting viral!


“Philly’s got some ‘splaining to do lol.. idk no street n*gga that like to wear the same outfit as another man and pose for a pic in it”, a user wrote, pointing out the matching outfits.

Diddy’s the type to slip roofies in that Ciroc. One minute the dude is on the dance floor ready to fu*k some bi*ches, then he wakes up and hears ‘take dat, take dat’ wit Diddy next to him”, another fan wrote after watching the two setting pictures together.

Ironically, this picture was posted shortly after Meek Mill left social media to focus on his “real life”.

“No social media,” he tweeted before quitting altogether. “All real life!”

“I’m on real life vibes right now,” Meek explained. “I be tired of seeing all that capping sometimes.”

This made people question as to whether Meek saw this coming and had to quit social media before the drama unfolded! As a matter of fact, this was only one among the many theories that people came up with after being confused with Diddy deleting the picture.

Meek Mill, however, is still a bit active on Twitter as he hasn’t deleted his Twitter handle yet, which shows that his absence might not be permanent.


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