Ntsiki Mazwai – “Get rid of Christian public holidays on national calendar”

Controversial poet is famously known for her outspoken personality as she’s taken to Twitter, protesting against Christian public holidays.

The host of Moja Love’s Show Me Love went on to question why the SA calendar is saturated with Christian holidays and said that she figures it would be for the best if the country got “rid” of them.

I am tired of being oppressed by Christianity. We are not all Christian! Stop forcing it down our throats!” she told her followers on Twitter.


“Why must we have Christian public holidays when we are not all Christian? That’s crazy! It’s oppressive! Stop Christian Supremacy NOW!!!! Get rid of Christian public holidays on national calendar.”

Different reactions flooded her comment section. Some group supported her, another group said the Christian public holidays should stay, while others are all for the holidays not minding the religion.


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